Understanding DAN TravelAssist

As a DAN Member you are automatically enrolled in DAN TravelAssist, which provides up to $100,000 of emergency medical evacuation assistance coverage when you're more than 50 miles from home. Some DAN Members believe that search and rescue is covered in this member benefit; this is not the case.

DAN TravelAssist will coordinate with the attending physician and, if necessary, will make the arrangement for transportation by land, water or air to evacuate or repatriate the enrolled member and transfer him to the appropriate medical facility. DAN TravelAssist is not an insurance policy, it is a DAN Membership benefit, and, therefore, is not exclusive to diving situations. In addition, all arrangements must be made by DAN; if arrangements are made otherwise, they are not subject to reimbursement.

TravelAssist also provides a whole range of services including prescription assistance, interpreter assistance, emergency message relays, help with recovering lost or stolen items, legal assistance and a host of other travel benefits. To access TravelAssist, call the DAN Emergency Hotline at +1-919-684-9111.

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