Coast Guard Diving Program

The Coast Guard has a program for divers to gain commercial certification for specific operations that make underwater work cost-effective and environmentally sound. Successfully screened candidates attend Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center in Panama City, Fla., where they train alongside Navy and Army divers during an intensive four-and-a-half-month initial training course.

Upon graduation, divers are assigned to a fleet diving unit and begin on-the-job-training to fine-tune their underwater capabilities in support of Coast Guard operations. Assignment to a fleet diving unit is highly rewarding as divers can spend more than half of a calendar year deployed to a wide variety of locations including Alaska and Hawaii, the Pacific Coast, the Atlantic Coast, the Gulf Coast, the Arctic, inland bodies of water and an array of Pacific islands.

The dive lockers aboard the three buoy tenders based in Hawaii and Guam conduct diving operations primarily for maintenance of floating aids to navigation, but also to preserve the health of reefs and other critical habitats by removing marine debris. There are 19-man regional dive lockers located in both San Diego, Calif., and Portsmouth, Va., conducting diving operations ranging from explosive search to ship's maintenance under ice in high latitudes to general search and recovery.

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