BTS Names Howard and Michele Hall as 2017 Diving Pioneers

Howard and Michele Hall are filmmakers who specialize in marine wildlife. Working as a team, Howard and Michele have produced and directed many television films, including a National Geographic special, three episodes of the PBS series Nature, and the five-hour PBS series Secrets of the Ocean Realm. Their television work has resulted in seven Emmy Awards. In 1994 Howard directed the first underwater IMAX 3-D feature, Into the Deep, and in 1998 he directed and Michele produced the IMAX film Island of the Sharks. The Halls returned to the IMAX 3-D format in 2005, when Michele produced and Howard directed the Warner Bros./ IMAX feature Deep Sea 3D; the award-winning sequel Under the Sea 3D followed in 2009. Howard directed two of the five highest-grossing 3-D films produced by IMAX Corporation.

Into the Deep has earned box office receipts of more than $75 million, and Deep Sea 3D has earned more than $96 million.

Howard and Michele have participated in many other underwater IMAX productions in various capacities, including the 2003 MacGillivray Freeman Films' IMAX film Coral Reef Adventure, for which Howard was underwater sequence director, Michele was location manager, and their underwater production team was featured in the film. They worked again with MacGillivray Freeman Films in that capacity on Journey to the South Pacific and Humpback Whales.

In 2011 Beneath the Sea honored Howard and Michele as Divers of the Year, and they were inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame. In 2013, the Halls received the International Wildlife Film Festival's Lifetime Achievement Award for Marine Conservation and Media.

Beneath the Sea is proud to recognize the Halls' many years of visionary leadership by recognizing them as pioneers in the dive industry, adding their vision and determination to the sport of diving. They will be honored at the 2017 Beneath the Sea show, March 24-26, in Secaucus, N.J.