Features Articles

Dragons, Pygmies and Mantas

By Stephen Frink

The Gift of Kimbe

By Jen Hayes

Discovery of a Lost Battlefield

By John C. Bright and Joseph C. Hoyt

A research team locates the remains of U-576 and Bluefields.
Understanding Alternobaric Vertigo

By Payal S. Razdan, MPH, and Neal W. Pollock, Ph.D.

Komodo Photo Gallery

By Stephen Frink

A Week Underwater in the Bahamas

America’s Reef

By Ned and Anna DeLoach

The next generation

By Melissa Gaskill

A good dive, a good deed
Communicable Diseases and Close Quarters

By Jim Caruso, M.D.

Tips for staying healthy at sea
Bahamas Photo Week 2014 Gallery

Florida Keys Bonus Gallery

Sweet As … New Zealand

By Andy and Allison Sallmon


By Stephen Frink

St. Lucia
A Life Among Whales

By Flip Nicklin

Mental Health First Aid After a Water-Sport Incident

By Lorie Laroche-Buscombe, MSW, RSW

New Zealand Gallery

St. Lucia Gallery

The Revillagigedos Islands

By Stephen Frink

A Socorro cruise diary

By Brandon Cole

A Caribbean icon
Mangroves and Seagrass

By Sarah Egner

Back to Basics

By Nicholas Bird, M.D., MMM

Understanding decompression illness
In the Maya Underworld

Text and Photos by Brandon Cole

Exploring the cenotes
Socorro Gallery

Cruising the Solomons

By Stephen Frink

Bali Road Trip

By Alex Mustard, Ph.D.

Cabo Pulmo

By David Helvarg

Treating DCS in the Miskito Coast

By Helena Horak, M.D.

South Africa: Predator’s Paradise

By Chris Fallows

A Well-Rounded Strait

By Andy and Allison Sallmon

The big and small of Lembeh
The Observer Effect

By Douglas David Seifert

Emergency Simulations for Dive Professionals

By Tec Clark

The World of Competitive Freediving

By Mandy-Rae Krack

South Africa Safari Gallery

Photos by Alexa Frink

Lembeh Gallery


By Allison Sallmon

Seduced by the Caribbean's spice isle
Beyond Phuket

By Lowel O’Rourke and By Bruce Shafer

Diving Thailand's Andaman Sea
Dan Orr

By Maureen Halsema

Flying the DAN flag for Two Decades
Sea Turtles of the World

By Doug Perrine

Living representatives of a Jurassic reptilian lineage
Thailand Gallery

Photos by Bruce Shafer, Lowel O'Rourke and Stephen Frink

Grenada Gallery

By Allison and Andy Sallmon

Jurassic Brazil

By Clark Miller

The Amazon, the Pantanal and Bonito
Tropical Queensland

Dive Adventures to Cairns and Beyond

By Stephen Frink
Cancer and Scuba Diving

By Nicholas Bird, M.D., MMM

What divers need to know
A Sweet Spot in Time

By Sylvia A. Earle, PH.D.

An essay of hope, or why the ocean matters to everyone, everywhere

Queensland Gallery

The Egyptian Red Sea

By Alex Mustard, Ph.D.

A European perspective for the North American diver

By Andy Sallmon and Allison Vitsky Sallmon

Spoiled for choice in the mantas' realm
Voices Under the Ice

By John B. Weller

Songs of the Ross Sea
DAN Research

By Petar Denoble, M.D., D.Sc.

Safer diving through science
Red Sea Gallery

Photos by Alex Mustard

Solomon Islands Gallery