Gear Articles

Freediving Gear

By Michael Sumlin

Weight Up!

By Marty McCafferty, EMT-P, DMT, and Patty Seery, MHS, DMT


By Patty Seery

An essential piece of your dive gear
We're Over Here!

By Pete Nawrocky

Using surface marker buoys safely and effectively
Equipment for Dive Emergency Prevention and Response

By Michael Steidley

Maintain Your Gear

By Colby Cline

It’s All About the Toys

BY Pete Nawrocky

A brief history of modern dive gear
Redefining Performance

By Robert N. Rossier

Diver propulsion vehicles: Manage the risks, and enjoy the ride
Validation of Dive Computers

By Michael A. Lang, D.Phil.


By Terry Ward

Divers' second skins
Get Wet, Dive Dry

By Michael Menduno

Understanding the basics of drysuit technology

Defining Performance

By Robert N. Rossier

Finding the right fins
Breathe In, Breathe Out

By John Brumm

Demystifying the inner workings of the scuba regulator

By Eric Douglas

A valuable tool, not a magic potion
A Clear Picture

By Robert N. Rossier

Dive mask basics
Staying Neutral

By Robert N. Rossier

Beating the BCD blues
Nautilus Lifeline

By Stephen Frink

Let no diver be left behind.

My Drysuit Flooded, Now What?

Written by Jessica Harned

A Leak Prevention and Troubleshooting Checklist
When Gas Goes Bad

By Robert N. Rossier

Understanding gas analyzers
The Boat Left Without You: Now What?

By Robert N. Rossier

With the right signaling equipment, you can summon help.
Your Computer Fails: Now What?

By Robert N. Rossier

With the right backup instruments and techniques, you can keep diving safely.
Emergency Oxygen Units

By Robert N. Rossier

Proper care and maintenance is vital to ensure yours is ready for action
How Split Fins Work

By Robert N. Rossier

Split fins are designed to enhance the efficiency of the fin.