Imaging Articles

Shooter: Andy Sallmon and Allison Vitsky Sallmon

Captions by Andy Sallmon and Allison Vitsky Sallmon; introduction by Stephen Frink

A New Wave of Underwater Photo Excellence
The Power of the Torch

By Mike Bartick

Andy and Allison Sallmon Bonus Photo Gallery

By Andy and Allison Sallmon

Shooter: Tanya G. Burnett

Captions by Tanya G. Burnett; introduction by Stephen Frink

From dive ops to photo ops
Light in the Dark: Shooting Cenotes

By Alex Mustard

Shooter: Tanya Burnett Photo Gallery

Ocean Views 2017

By Stephen Frink

Ocean Views 2017 Winners and Highly Honored Gallery

Ocean Views 2017 Bonus Gallery 1

Ocean Views 2017 Bonus Gallery 2

Shooter: Burt Jones

By Stephen Frink

At the edge of discovery
Blackwater Diving

By Mike Bartick

Photography for a Cause

By Stephen Frink and John Weller

Shooter: John Weller
Another Way of Seeing

By Rod Klein

The art of pool photography
John Weller Bonus Photo Gallery

The Endless Summer of Douglas Seifert

Introduction by Stephen Frink

Out of the Blue

By Jason Bradley

A change in palette and approach
Shooter: Kurt Amsler

By Stephen Frink

The Big Little

By Mike Bartick

Going beyond 1:1
Ocean Views 2016: Change the World

By Brian Skerry

Ocean Views 2016 Winners Gallery

Ocean Views 2016 Bonus Gallery 1

Ocean Views 2016 Bonus Gallery 2

Ocean Views 2016 Bonus Gallery 3

Shooter: Zena Holloway

Introduction by Stephen Frink

A Different Light

By Andy and Allison Sallmon

Using LED lighting for underwater still photography
LED Lighting Bonus Photo Gallery

Andy and Allison Sallmon

Zena Holloway Bonus Photo Gallery

By Zena Holloway

Burt Jones Bonus Photo Gallery

Burt Jones

Collaborating with a Dive Guide

By Mike Bartick

Shooter: Laurent Ballesta

By Stephen Frink

Game Fish Photography

By Marc Montocchio

Shooter: Marty Snyderman

By Stephen Frink

Marty Snyderman Photo Gallery

By Marty Snyderman

Ocean Views 2015: The Joy of Pursuit

By Stephen Frink

Ocean Views 2015 Winners Gallery

Ocean Views 2015 Bonus Gallery

Shooter: Roger Steene

By Stephen Frink

Artistically archiving the coral reef
Digital Workflow for Underwater Photography

By Eddie Tapp

Roger Steene Photo Gallery

By Roger Steene

The Dark Side of the Sun

By Andy and Allison Sallmon

Working with the most powerful light source of all
Shooter: Cristian Dimitrius

By Stephen Frink

Filming the underwater wild
Photography of the Unseen

By Ethan Daniels

Paul Hilton Gallery

Shooter: Paul Hilton

By Stephen Frink

The power to make a difference
Cryptic and Camouflaged Gallery

Ocean Views 2014: Winners Gallery

Ocean Views 2014 — The Power of Imaging

By David Doubilet

Ocean Views Bonus Gallery 2014

Underwater Images on a Single Breath

By Stephen Frink

The art of freedive photography
Shooter: Ned DeLoach

By Stephen Frink