Imaging Articles

Shooter: Laurent Ballesta

By Stephen Frink

Collaborating with a Dive Guide

By Mike Bartick

Shooter: Marty Snyderman

By Stephen Frink

Game Fish Photography

By Marc Montocchio

Marty Snyderman Photo Gallery

By Marty Snyderman

Ocean Views 2015: The Joy of Pursuit

By Stephen Frink

Ocean Views 2015 Winners Gallery

Ocean Views 2015 Bonus Gallery

Shooter: Roger Steene

By Stephen Frink

Artistically archiving the coral reef
Digital Workflow for Underwater Photography

By Eddie Tapp

Roger Steene Photo Gallery

By Roger Steene

Shooter: Cristian Dimitrius

By Stephen Frink

Filming the underwater wild
The Dark Side of the Sun

By Andy and Allison Sallmon

Working with the most powerful light source of all
Shooter: Paul Hilton

By Stephen Frink

The power to make a difference
Photography of the Unseen

By Ethan Daniels

Paul Hilton Gallery

Cryptic and Camouflaged Gallery

Ocean Views 2014 — The Power of Imaging

By David Doubilet

Ocean Views 2014: Winners Gallery

Ocean Views Bonus Gallery 2014

Shooter: Ned DeLoach

By Stephen Frink

Underwater Images on a Single Breath

By Stephen Frink

The art of freedive photography
Shooter: Doug Perrine

By Stephen Frink

Wide Angle with Models

By Stephen Frink

Doug Perrine Gallery

Photos by Doug Perrine

Symphony of the Reef Gallery

Ethan Daniels

Alex Mustard

By Stephen Frink

Underwater Video with DSLRs

By John Ellerbrock

What you should know (and may not)
Alex Mustard Gallery

Alex Mustard

Ocean Views 2013

By Eric Cheng, publisher and founder,; director of photography, Lytro Inc.

A time capsule of excellence

Ocean Views 2013: Winners Gallery

Ocean Views Photo Contest 2013 Bonus Gallery

Amos Nachoum: Master of Megafauna

By Stephen Frink

Celebrating Slow

By Stephen Frink

Using slow shutter speeds for creative effects
Pete Zuccarini: Bringing the Blue to the Big Screen

By Stephen Frink

Cave Photography

By Liz Rogers

Brandon Cole: Immersed in the Wild

By Stephen Frink

Tangling with Kelp

By Andy Sallmon and Allison Vitsky Sallmon

Photography in the underwater forest
Brandon Cole Gallery

Photos by Brandon Cole

Kelp Gallery

Ocean Views 2012

By Paul Nicklen

Ocean Views 2012 Winners

Ocean Views 2012 Bonus Gallery

Unique Techniques

Bioluminescence, Snoot Photography and Pole Cams.
Brian Skerry: The Art of Marine Conservation

By Stephen Frink

Unique Techniques Bonus Gallery

Kittiwake- A Photographer's Perspective Gallery

By Stephen Frink

Kittiwake’s First Anniversary

By Stephen Frink

Beneath Cold Seas

By David Hall

A warm-water photographer finds new inspiration.
Flip Nicklin

By Stephen Frink

Cetacean photographer extraordinaire
Blue Water

By Richard Herrmann