Dive Slate Articles

Reef Futures

By Zach Ransom

Experts contemplate the future of coral reefs
The Power of Women

By Sarah Egner

Women Divers Hall of Fame celebrates 20 years
Florida’s Museums in the Sea

By Franklin H. Price

Half Moon and SS Copenhagen
DAN Member Profile: Charles Beeker

By Chloe Strauss

Travel Smarter: Evaluating an Unfamiliar Dive Operator

Public Safety Announcement: Remember to Call DAN

Program Spotlight: HIRA Level 1 Assessment

A Birth at the Boiler

By Mark Strickland

Diving into a Fish-Eat-Forage-Fish World

By Stan Mihalecz

Watching Wildlife from Space

By Melissa Gaskill

Maintaining Expertise

By Josh Benjamin

DAN staff education and enrichment in 2018
DAN Member Profile: Mauricio Hoyos

By Steve Peletz

Travel Smarter: Managing Medications Abroad

Public Safety Announcement: Spearfishing Safety

Program Spotlight: DAN Neurological Assessment Course

Finding Color Below the Surface

By Mariah Shore

Reflections on racial diversity in the dive community
Exceptional Readiness

By Sharon Holland and Matthew D. Welder, DNP, CRNA

Dive medicine training at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
The 1733 Shipwrecks of the Florida Keys

By Samuel I. Haskell

Exploring the sites' cultural past and environmental present
Melting Down

By Allison Vitsky Sallmon, DVM

The ongoing mystery of sea star wasting disease
DAN Member Profile: Sally Bauer

By Sarah Egner

Program Spotlight: DAN E-Learning Courses

Public Safety Announcement: Scene Safety

Travel Smarter: Happy Holiday Travel

Mystery Wreck of Prince Edward County

By Stuart Seldon

Faces of Climate Change

By Lauren Wenzel

Days of Discovery at Monterey Bay Aquarium

By Terry Ward

A Rising Tide

Empowering the next generation of ocean stewards
DAN Member Profile: Lloyd Austin

By Steven Peletz

The Art of Plastic Pollution

By Victoria Cassar

Travel Smarter: Cylinder Safety

Public Safety Announcement: Don’t Drink and Dive

It Came from Inner Space

By Michael Menduno

Setting a HIRA Standard

By Reilly Fogarty

DAN's Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment program trial
Seeing Water from the Sky

By Ethan Daniels

DAN Member Profile: Lee Selisky

By Stephen Frink

Travel Smarter: Plan for Medical Emergencies

Public Safety Announcement: Stay Safe on Board

Program Spotlight: DAN Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries

Protect Your Back

By Steven Tolmie


By Richard Herrmann

A Different Kind of Dive Club

By Caslyn Bennett

The volunteer program at the Oregon Coast Aquarium exemplifies a culture of safety.
Playing Tag with Sharks

By Melissa Gaskill

DAN Member Profile: Ian Koblick

By Amy Lee


By Panchabi Vaithiyanathan

TRAVEL SMARTER: Evacuation Coverage

DAN’s Recompression Chamber Assistance Program


Gateway to the Gulf Stream

By Amy Lee

The New Pointy End of Diving

By Michael Menduno

Pink, with Purpose

By Alison Vitsky Sallmon

DAN Member Profile: Andy Casagrande

By Terry Ward