Dive Slate Articles

A Search for Blue Whales

By Ken O’Sullivan

Volunteer Fish Surveys Engage Divers

Text and photos by Amy Lee

Help DAN Track Dive Injuries

By Allan Uribe, Dr.PH, MPH, CPH

A Force for Dive Safety

By Caitlyn Ruskell

The DAN Board of Directors
DAN Member Profile: Mehgan Heaney-Grier

By Patricia Wuest

Travel Smarter: Don’t Cancel, Reschedule Instead

DAN Dispatch: DAN Publishes New Risk Assessment Guide

Program Spotlight: First Aid Retraining

Member To Member: Serenity and Uncertainty

Text and photos by Alene D. Rice and Bruce Balan

Ray of Hope

By Andrea Marshall, Ph.D.

Finding Nemo’s Garden

By Paul Cater Deaton

African Dust

By Eugene Shinn, Ph.D.

A mysterious coral killer
DAN Member Profile: Paul Bardo

By Patricia Wuest

Program Spotlight: New DAN E-Learning Courses

DAN Dispatch: Coming Together in Times of Need

Travel Smarter: DAN Travel Insurance

Answering Questions in the Open Ocean

By Jeff Milisen

When One and One Come Together in Greenland

Text and photos by Tobias Friedrich

Diving with a Purpose in National Marine Sanctuaries

By Brenda Altmeier

Volunteer archaeologists help uncover history beneath the waves.
Ten Years of the New Alert Diver

By Stephen Frink

DAN Member Profile: Jonatha Giddens

By Sarah Egner

Public Safety Announcement: When Should I Call My Doctor?

Travel Smarter: Traveling with Dive Gear

Program Spotlight: DAN Student Medical Expense Coverage

Beware Complacency

By Anne Owen

Megalodon Ledge Diving

By Lt. Jacob L. Aulner, U.S. Coast Guard

Where Mermaids Fear to Tread

By Michael Menduno

Cryptobenthic Fish

By Simon J. Brandl

Secretive, snack-sized fish fuel coral reefs.
The Multiple Platforms of Alert Diver

By Stephen Frink

DAN Member Profile: Dick Rutkowski

By Kevin Wadlow

Travel Smarter: Liveaboard Diving

Public Safety Announcement: Preventing Panic

A quick guide to keeping your cool
Program Spotlight: Coast Guard Approves DAN Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid

Reef Futures

By Zach Ransom

Experts contemplate the future of coral reefs
The Power of Women

By Sarah Egner

Women Divers Hall of Fame celebrates 20 years
Florida’s Museums in the Sea

By Franklin H. Price

Half Moon and SS Copenhagen
DAN Member Profile: Charles Beeker

By Chloe Strauss

Travel Smarter: Evaluating an Unfamiliar Dive Operator

Public Safety Announcement: Remember to Call DAN

Program Spotlight: HIRA Level 1 Assessment

A Birth at the Boiler

By Mark Strickland

Diving into a Fish-Eat-Forage-Fish World

By Stan Mihalecz

Watching Wildlife from Space

By Melissa Gaskill

Maintaining Expertise

By Josh Benjamin

DAN staff education and enrichment in 2018
DAN Member Profile: Mauricio Hoyos

By Steve Peletz

Travel Smarter: Managing Medications Abroad

Public Safety Announcement: Spearfishing Safety

Program Spotlight: DAN Neurological Assessment Course

Finding Color Below the Surface

By Mariah Shore

Reflections on racial diversity in the dive community
Exceptional Readiness

By Sharon Holland and Matthew D. Welder, DNP, CRNA

Dive medicine training at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
The 1733 Shipwrecks of the Florida Keys

By Samuel I. Haskell

Exploring the sites' cultural past and environmental present