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Marty Snyderman Photo Gallery

By Marty Snyderman

Roatán Photo Gallery

By Stephen Frink

Snorkel Photo Gallery

Bonaire Photo Gallery

Stephen Frink

Ocean Views 2015 Bonus Gallery

Santa Barbara Island Photo Gallery

Andy and Allison Sallmon

Raja Ampat Photo Gallery

Stephen Frink

Komodo Photo Gallery

By Stephen Frink

Roger Steene Photo Gallery

By Roger Steene

Bahamas Photo Week 2014 Gallery

Florida Keys Bonus Gallery

Amos Nachoum's Antarctica Gallery

By Amos Nachoum

Mental Health First Aid Quiz

Lorie Laroche
Paul Hilton Gallery

New Zealand Gallery

St. Lucia Gallery

Socorro Gallery

In the Maya Underworld

Text and Photos by Brandon Cole

Exploring the cenotes
Ocean Views Bonus Gallery 2014

Doug Perrine Gallery

Photos by Doug Perrine

Lembeh Gallery

Alex Mustard Gallery

Alex Mustard

Tetepare Gallery

Ocean Views Photo Contest 2013 Bonus Gallery

Offshore Platforms Gallery

Photos by Jesse Cancelmo and Toby Armstrong

Bali Gallery

Solomon Islands Gallery

Thailand Gallery

Photos by Bruce Shafer, Lowel O'Rourke and Stephen Frink

Grenada Gallery

By Allison and Andy Sallmon

Queensland Gallery

Red Sea Gallery

Photos by Alex Mustard

In the Finsteps of Shackleton: Diving South Georgia Island

By Jeffrey Bozanic and Lillian Yao

Hazardous Marine Life First Aid Quiz

National Marine Sanctuaries Gallery

Bahamas Gallery

Photos by Stephen Frink

Explore More of Our National Marine Sanctuaries

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Test your dive safety awareness by visually reviewing pictures to find out what is wrong.
Basic Life Support and First Aid Quiz

The American Heart Association states that CPR provided by a bystander immediately after sudden cardiac arrest can double or triple a victim's chance of survival. Brain death starts to occur four to six minutes after someone experiences cardiac arrest if no CPR and defibrillation occurs during that time. Test your knowledge in Basic Life Support.
Neurological Assessment Quiz

Brandon Cole Gallery

Photos by Brandon Cole

Palau Gallery

Photos by Ethan Daniels

Mexico's Majestic Megafauna Gallery

Kelp Gallery

Palm Beach, Fla. Gallery

Photos by Walt Stearns

Beach Diving: Safe Entries and Exits

By Dr. Nick Bird

Dive Accident Management & DCI Quiz

Are you mentally prepared when a diving accident occurs? Test your knowledge about Decompression Sickness/Illness with this short, ten question quiz.
Beat the Bug Frenzy

By Maureen Halsema

Lobster Diving Safety
Astronauts Train for Asteroid Mission Underwater

By Maureen Halsema

Behind the Glass: Aquarium Diving

By Arnold Postell for Association of Dive Program Administrators

Are you a safe diver?

The DAN Emergency Hotline Top 10 List

By Maureen Halsema