Your Buddy Gift Guide

Some last-minute gift ideas for your favorite underwater companion.

Having trouble deciding on the perfect gift to give your buddy for the holidays? DAN is here for you. As you are making your list and checking it twice, explore some of our gift ideas to help you give your buddy something nice.
Safe Tidings
What better way to say, "I care" than with gifts that help ensure your buddy's safety? A surface signal kit equips your buddy with the tools to handle an emergency situation should he get lost or separated from the group.

Surface Signal Kit
The new and improved kit includes a six-foot orange safety sausage (with lpi attachment, dump valve and reflective strip), Wind Storm whistle, signal mirror and safety light all incorporated into the sausage's base. The kit clips to your buddy's BCD, so he can stow it during a dive and access it easily in an emergency. A basic first aid kit is also an excellent way to prepare your buddy to respond to injuries that may occur during a dive.

First Aid Kit
Or give your buddy a safety net for both above and below the surface: a DAN membership is a gift complete with great benefits that keep on giving. With a DAN membership, your buddy will get DAN TravelAssist; a subscription to Alert Diver; access to DAN's online seminars, presentations and workshop proceedings; access to the Worldcue® Planner Real-Time Travel Intelligence® Resource; and the option to buy diving accident insurance. With the purchase of your buddy's membership, you help support DAN's nonprofit efforts, including the DAN Emergency Hotline and the Medical Information Line. That's a gift for all divers!
Stocking Stuffers

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Is your buddy's New Year's resolution to get more organized? If so, support his goal with new clips, d-rings or waterproof cases. Streamline his gear for safer, more organized and efficient diving. Does your buddy's gear need some maintenance? Has he been eyeing a new mask or lights? Give your buddy a gift certificate to his favorite dive shop; he can get his equipment maintained or pick up some new gear to enhance his rig. Keep him hydrated with a water bottle and his possessions dry with a backpack dry bag. New toys and safer equipment, what more could a diver want?

If your buddy is on the stylish side, how about some new apparel to wear when he's not underwater? A bucket hat shades his face from the sun while a beanie helps him warm up after night dives or cold water sites. And who can ever have enough dive t-shirts? Get a shirt from his favorite dive destination or check out some of the new tees in DAN's online store.
Dive in Together
Some of the best gifts are experiences. Join your buddy on a dive vacation or take a course together so that your buddy team is a safer, more informed diving duo. Or put together a photo album of past dive adventures (don't forget to leave pages for future ones).

Whether you choose gear, apparel or adventures this holiday, your buddy is sure to be pleased.