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Want the opportunity to participate in research and work with some of the top professionals in the diving community?

The DAN Research Internship Program helps young individuals explore and develop careers in diving and diving research-related fields. Each year, DAN interns earn valuable, hands-on research experience and network with top dive professionals.

The program began in 1999 to assist with Project Dive Exploration (PDE), an observational research study that collects and analyzes dive profile data on real dives and compiles data on behavioral and health aspects associated with recreational diving.

Today, interns are matched with mentors and are involved in a variety of research initiatives, lab studies and technical writing. The purpose of the program is to provide each intern a unique, strong educational and professional experience. Some of the projects DAN interns were involved with in 2010 included PDE data collection in a cold water setting in Scapa Flow, Scotland; data collection for a PFO study; and research and technical writing on topics covering flying after diving, breath-hold safety, use of prosthetics in diving and dive accidents involving persons with diabetes.

"Throughout the program students face challenges — some new, some reinforced — to help them explore a range of topics in diving safety and dive medicine research, develop their skills and continue to grow as a professional," said Neal Pollock, director of the DAN Research Internship Program.

Interns come to the DAN headquarters in Durham, N.C., for orientation training in diving medicine and physiology and research methodology. After the orientation week, interns work at a host facility with a mentor for the duration of their program, which is a minimum of three months.

DAN strives to place interns at host sites that match their skill sets and career interests. During the program, interns will explore a variety of practical applications for dive medicine research. DAN interns may assist in research studies on the field, laboratory and epidemiological levels, help write technical documents or assist with public education forums.

"My internship provided me with the opportunity to meet amazing people, experience phenomenal diving and set the bar for all future endeavors," said Jessica Adams, a former DAN intern and current Alert Diver contributor. "My internship experience continues to have a profound impact on my decisions both personally and professionally."

Jessica Adams is a former DAN intern and current Alert Diver contributor.

Adams graduated from the University of Miami with a Ph.D. in exercise physiology. As a DAN intern, she worked at Sunset House in Grand Cayman, where she collected data on hundreds of dives and observed recompression treatments at Cayman Hyperbaric Services. During her initial training at DAN headquarters and Duke University Center for Hyperbaric Medicine, she learned about the laboratory studies occurring in recompression chambers, such as flying after diving. Adams returned to Durham the following summer to intern with Pollock, during which she assisted with the various phases of several research projects and co-authored the book "Fit for Scuba: A strength and conditioning guide." Under Pollock's supervision, Jessica wrote her first article for Alert Diver and has been a contributor ever since. In 2009, she started writing the Dive Fitness column featured in each issue of Alert Diver. Adams is currently an assistant professor in the physical education department at Kean University in Union, N.J., where she teaches kinesiology, biomechanics, assessment and various fitness courses.

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Special Project: Common Recreational Dive Practices Survey
Apply for a DAN Internship
DAN is looking for enthusiastic individuals with strong communication skills as well as committed interest in science and diving research-related fields. Applicants must be at least 20 years of age by June 1, 2013. A diving background and a demonstrated interest or educational track in science is preferred.

Candidates must demonstrate how this internship experience can play a useful role in their professional development. Undergraduates as well as non-student candidates with a scientific background and an interest in diving and dive medicine research are eligible to apply. Due to the nature of the internship, applicants must show an established commitment to diving to be competitive.

Interns are given a monthly stipend for living expenses. DAN provides room, board and related expenses with approval of the Internship Coordinator. DAN will also work with educational institutions for participants to earn academic credit for the internship.

Applications for the 2013 internship class are due by January 15, 2013. Internships typically start in late May, but dates may be flexible. Prospective interns will be notified of their acceptance in March.

Apply for a DAN Internship today! Complete an internship application (include two references) and a one-page essay/cover letter outlining your reason for interest and why you would be a good candidate.

For more information email Jeanette Moore at or call 919-684-2948 ext 260.